Badge! Gun!
Director Marc Webb
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Next Episode The Legend of Marcos Ramos

Badge! Gun! is the second episode of the first season of Limitless.


Brian begins work with the FBI, only to be stuck behind a desk as an analyst while they monitor his use of NZT. Restless, he works his way into an assassination case investigated by Harris and Boyle, but leaves the facility against orders to find evidence, and nearly gets himself fired. Together they unravel a plot to target an army general with a genetically engineered virus. Meanwhile, Brian tries to learn more about Senator Eddie Morra, and draws a blank. Morra's nurse starts taking care of Brian's father.

EPisode: Brian is seen working with the FBI, being monitored by his body guards, Mike and Ike. While Rebbeca looks into the murder of Stephen Fisher, Brian practices Farsi, and looks into the case. He breaks from the room to show Rebbeca patterns of the bomb

Rebbeca tells Boyle that there is a suspect: A bomb maker named Taurus. Brian reads their lips and gives a theory that Taurus is a man named Darren Cullen, who works in his garage. Taurus gets arrested, and tells that the Longitude Construction wanted him dead. He tells it was attempted murder, because the car never driven past the Bluetooth.

Brian saw there a spike in Fisher's heartbeat, but knows 28 year olds can't die from stroke. He breaks out again', and finds out two othe people Fisher's age and race died of stroke. He finds out that it was a genetically engineered virus from Genghis Khan. He and the others see it was a man named Miles Amos, who was trying to kill a general, Ram Ananda, to sabatoge an election.

When Amos points out their evidence is useless, Brian asks his employees to show him the files, leading to Miles' arrest.