Dennis Finch is a former attorney and Brian Finch's father. He has 3 sons Cameron, Luke and Brian, and a daughter Rachel and is married to Marie Finch.

Dennis is a disciplinarian & his wife allows ample freedom to her son Brian. Both parents raised their kids with a lot of love which translated to strong moral fiber in their kids.

Dennis describes in one episode that he loves Brian despite his failures for he likes his honesty.

Biography Edit

Dennis Finch worked as an attorney.

Dennis suffered from an unknown ailment that gets him admitted to the hospital. Brian studies the family pedigree and discovers it to be an often misdiagnosed rare genetic disease that runs in his family. The doctors later confirm Brian's findings and suggest a liver transplant. After the transplant Dennis recovers and tells Brian that he is proud of his son.

When Brian was worried & wasn't able to decide whether to side with Morra and save his family or frame Rebecca, Rebecca tells Brian if there is something he wants to talk then he can always talk to his father as a client for he was a former attorney. Brian goes home & waves a 10 dollar bill to obtain client-attorney privilege from his father but is unable to initiate a discussion because of the Nurse Sipiwie's presence in the room who also worked for Senator Eddie Morra and administered him boosters.

Brian confronts Sipiwie. She explains that she is just a nurse and she is there to take care of both his father and him in case he needs booster anytime soon. Brian confronts Sands later on the same topic.

Dennis meets Naz outside work and shares his concerns as a father regarding how the FBI is using his son to which Naz promises that she'll take care of Finch and protect him. He threatens Naz that he'd make sure that she goes to jail lest something happens to his son.