Nasreen "Naz" Pouran is a special FBI agent that leads the CJC. Since she herself tends to be 'by the book', she remains deliberately uninformed about certain elements of Brian Finch's behavior and treatment. She keeps files on NZT and Rebecca's father, Conrad.

She has one daughter, Ava, who is featured in the episode, "When Pirates Pirate Pirates". As well as a niece, Mitra, who is kidnapped in the episode. She is seen to show affection to them. It is possible she has a son as well, that is shown in the family photo in the same episode.

When Brian's father threatens to press charges on the FBI, he points out that Naz should consider protecting Brian from one parent to another. Naz has seemingly kept that promise and helps Brian excel in his FBI cases, even when her original intentions were to research Brian in a more contained environment.



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