The Legend of Marcos Ramos
Director Guillermo Navarro
Last Episode Badge! Gun!
Next Episode Page 44

The Legend of Marcos Ramos is the third episode of the first season of Limitless.


With his daily NZT pill, Brian helps the FBI find a sniper who shot a former FBI agent. He also has a chance encounter with Shauna (Analeigh Tipton), a former love interest, and starts up a new relationship with her. However, Brian is constantly worried that it's only the NZT-enhanced version of him that is keeping her around, and that 'normal Brian' isn't, and won't be, enough. One of Morra's men, Mr. Sands, calls himself Brian's new boss and threatens to harm Brian's friends and family if Brian does not comply with his every request. To protect Shauna, Brian breaks up with her.

Episode: Brian and friends discovered Ray Dixon, a spevial agent was killed. Everyone thought it was something in his new job, but Brian and Rebbeca learned his assasination was connected to a bad guy named Marco Ramos. Brian learned it was connecte to a gunman working for Ramos, La Cebra.

Brian learNed La Cebra is 5.6 feet tall, and the Cjc works with a task force to find La Cebra. Remembering the winter games, Brian finds out La Cebra is a man named Johan Mäkinen. However, even though Johan is La Cebra, he couldn't have shot Dixon because his hand is missing. The CJC learns Marco would betray the cartel, and got Ramos phone number

Brian finds Marco was killed by the task force, who used to work with Ramos. Discovering the task force was making money illegally and shot other people, the try to find the force. Brian learns they tried to hide by flying under a plane, and Moore, the sergeant, gets arrested.

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